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Downtime costs money, and whether it’s from lost sales or lost productivity, it’s expensive. Our goal is to keep your business live and doing what it does best. We work with you to develop solutions that are affordable, effective, and reliable.

Like all businesses, you need a computer network that is both secure and reliable. We have the expertise to build your business a strong and secure network from the ground up that will be able to handle your company’s need efficiently. If you already have a network, we offer services to upgrade, secure, or even rebuild the network that is currently in place. With our managed services option we will be able to remotely manage your network and actively monitor to solve problems before they start.

Have you had an employee who wasn’t able to complete their work due to computer problems? Our team of skilled technicians are able to troubleshoot hardware and software problems at your location. We also specialize in dealing with peripheral workstation issues such as problems with printing and network access. Our goal is for your business to reach optimum efficiency as quickly as possible, because as we all know, time is money.

What would happen to your business if all of the company’s records and data were corrupted or wiped out? Above all else, the company’s data needs to be protected. Business Servers, Critical Workstations, email, and the company’s central database all need a plan for restoration in case of a disaster; which could happen at any time. We are able to protect all of your data with the use of automated tape drives, external hard drives, RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) built into the system, or external RAID towers acting as central shared drives.

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